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ComIT is a project aimed specifically at young people to provide solutions to the problem of employment in relationship to information technology.

We teach programming, soft skills and professional development capabilities to face the labor market. We do this through training of technical aspects, and other capabilities such as responsibility, teamwork and commitment.

Our work targets the requirements of the labor market and provide the necessary tools so that our graduates are successfully inserted therein.

The courses are performed by IT professionals working in leading companies, aiming the training to state of the art tools.

We believe that the best way to solve youth unemployment is the provision of tools to work and promoting mutual commitment.



Aimed at training generalists developers. More conceptual basis for the implementation of solutions in different industry areas.


Aimed at training developers to support corporate systems, prioritising the management and integrity of information.


Aimed at training developers to work on small projects of rapid deployment.


Aimed at training PSD to HTML developers, technical role for application prototyping processes.

  • ¿WHO WE ARE?

    We are working professionals from various disciplines (programmers, social workers, psychologists, human resource specialists and volunteers) with the goal of finding solutions to the problem of youth unemployment.

    We focus our efforts on obtaining skilled jobs, with excellent projection, professional development, and of a strategic value for the country.

    We encourage community participation. We help the companies on the implementation of corporate citizenship policies by involving them in the training of the required resources.


These are some of those who with their valuable input help us continue our work.

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