2022 Year in Review

2022 was a year marked by change and progression, and as the world carried on in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, those of us in the tech world continued to explore new ways to innovate, educate and inspire. As we embark on a new year, our team at ComIT wanted to highlight some key accomplishments from 2022.

Highlight 1: Increased the representation of visible minorities in the tech industry

If you’re familiar with ComIT, you know we’re passionate about elevating minority groups who often face systemic barriers to education and employment. In 2022, we’ve provided accessible IT education through the following initiatives:

1) 500 Indigenous students from across Canada successfully enrolled in 1-month ComIT introductory courses that focus on UX design, programming, and social media management.
2) 220 students from visible minorities successfully completed 3-month employability courses, and to date, over 160 of these students have found employment in Canada.

Highlight 2: Renewed Industry Partnerships

Collaborative partnerships are instrumental to the tech industry and allow non-profits such as ComIT to continue driving towards their mission. Here are some of the incredible industry partnerships that ComIT renewed in 2022:

1) Renewed Recording Futures, a joint initiative with Google, until the end of 2024. This program offers digital skills training to Indigenous students free of charge. This program provides them with a strong foundation for a career in tech.
2) Renewed our partnership with PrairiesCan, a federal initiative that aims to diversify the economy throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Our collaboration, extended for another three years, will help bolster the local tech ecosystem across the prairie provinces through training initiatives.
3) Renewed our programs with Innovation Saskatchewan, a Saskatchewan Government agency responsible for advising government on science and technology, to continue working together on the development of the local tech talent pool.

Highlight 3: Network Expansion & Increased Industry Partnerships

As society re-opened in the latter half of 2022, the tech world renewed many industry partnerships with the goal of creating a stronger, brighter future. In addition to the renewal of many longstanding relationships and philanthropic partnerships, ComIT began exploring additional opportunities to strengthen the organization and expand services across Canada. Here are some of our recent initiatives:

1) Received financial support from the CIBC Foundation. This will allow ComIT to implement more training programs across Canada, expanding into regions such as Eastern Canada and the Maritimes. In addition, CIBC volunteers are offering their time through guest speaking engagements with future ComIT cohorts.
2) Expanded the ComIT partnership network to over 200 Canadian companies. The companies that make up this network are diverse; from feisty start-ups to global organizations to energized innovators defying the status quo. All have partnered with ComIT to promote affordable education and training initiatives.
3) Engaged in DE&I Strategies. ComIT defined its diversity, equity and inclusion strategies, creating a roadmap for inclusive engagements to take place throughout 2023.
4) Maintained our industry loudspeaker. ComIT continues to collaborate with over 150 Canadian organizations who support the mission behind ComIT and actively inform prospective students of course offerings. Through this industry loudspeaker, we've connected with thousands of Canadians who can benefit from our programs, many who come from adverse backgrounds and face barriers to education and employment.

ComIT is thrilled to have these initiatives and partnerships in place, and we look forward to another successful year as we move into 2023.

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