ComIT, along with Communitech and ICTAM, replicates in Canada its model to promote social inclusion through IT

After analyzing that the high rates of youth unemployment were a major problem worldwide, and in Canada too, the the NPO ComIT made a commitment to reduce these negative indexes, through the delivery of social development tools to Canadian youth.
The goal, in addition to create jobs and job opportunities, seeks to promote digital skills and also to boost the software and IT services industry, an area in permanent growth that requires more qualified people every day.
It should be noted that, in Argentina, in 2016 Google and ComIT, performed 18 courses in seven cities in the country, with more than 2,500 people registered and over 400 graduated, and more than half are currently working in the IT sector, in prestigious companies such as Accenture, Google, Globant and IBM among many others.
Pablo Listingart, Executive Director and Founder of ComIT, explains that entering the labor market is complex due to inexperience and lack of contacts, so it is necessary to strengthen the training and job placement skills for young people in vulnerable situations, in this case, through Programming courses, where the students incorporate knowledge and training in attitudinal aspects.
"We saw that there were many positions that were not covered and we knew about the youth unemployment problem, so we dedicated our efforts to work on young employability oriented to information technology. Being chosen by Google two years ago to receive grants allowed us an exponential growth in the number of beneficiaries, which were 350 in 2015 and 550 in 2016, only in Argentina, "said Listingart.

The successful model of ComIT, supported by Google in Argentina and Chile, will begin to work it in Kitchener, ON, and Winnipeg, MB, where the first courses 'Build Your Future, Learn to Code', will last for three months, with limited scholarships and where youth will later get help finding jobs in companies in the IT sector.

"We aim to summon young people up to 35 years with a capacity for logical reasoning. Those selected will take courses for three months and there is a follow-up during which they are assisted in the job search, "added Listingart.

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