ComIT welcomes CIBC Foundation to its community

October 19th, 2022 – Today, ComIT welcomes CIBC Foundation as a partner and supporter of our programs. Their generous donation will be making possible for more marginalized Canadians to gain access to technical skills training, and creating a brighter future for them.

“A key barrier for visible minorities in Canada to securing employment in the tech sector is the lack of accessible STEM and IT-specific training,” says Pablo Listingart, Executive Director of ComIT. “We’ve working since 2016 to tackle this hurdle head-on by designing a a free and accessible training program that directly benefits people in economical vulnerabilities across Canada, and CIBC Foundation contribution is key for this effort to continue".

The program is available for those who are interested getting reskilled or upskilled to start a career in tech. The program runs virtually and cover topics required for an entry level job in the tech labor market. Upon completion of the program, ComIT will also offer courses on resume building, interview skill training, and other soft skill development opportunities to help with the transition from learning to employment.

In order to have a Canadian tech community that is truly reflective of our country, it’s important that we expand access to STEM education, and that relevant, universally accessible training programs are in place to address immediate job needs. ComIT’s programs are unique, working with companies to understand roles that need to be filled locally, and then create targeted education programs for these roles, ensuring job applicants have the appropriate skills to then transition into job placements.

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