MAY 04

Google announces its new cybersecurity training, and partners with ComIT and CLC to bring more diverse talent to the industry

Today, Google is announcing the launch of the Google Cybersecurity Certificate; the newest addition to their Google Career Certificates program that provides job seekers with paths to careers in Data Analytics, IT Support, Project Management and more.

With cyberattacks increasing globally by 38% last year, security has always been at the core of Google’s products, advancing cybersecurity tools and resources. Despite the pressing need to address this threat, research shows there are currently more than 25,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in Canada, and there’s also an opportunity to improve the diversity pipeline within the industry.

Google is committed to partnering with others to help bridge the opportunity gap and bring more diverse talent to cybersecurity, so today it is also announced the joint work with ComIT and Canada Learning Code to offer scholarships to our networks. ComIT and CLC will also provide learners with support such as facilitated workshops, course guidance, and professional coaching, ensuring that those who come to them with an interest in cybersecurity leave with the ability to put it into action.

“This Google Career certificate comes at a critical time, as people and organizations continue to be exposed to increasing digital threats. We're thrilled to be able to provide our community with scholarships for the course. At ComIT, we've always worked towards more inclusion in the tech industry, and lowering the financial barrier for these courses democratizes the access to education, leading to increased diversity in the tech sector, which has been a central conversation in the tech ecosystem globally. We can't wait for the possibility this will bring to our community.”, commented Pablo Listingart, Executive Director of ComIT.

The new Cybersecurity Certificate is designed and taught by Google's experts in the subject, and will prepare learners for entry-level careers in cybersecurity in less than six months with no prior experience required, creating greater opportunities for Canadians and helping fill the growing number of open cyber roles, aligned with the work that ComIT has been doing with underrepresented Canadians since 2017.

ComIT is looking forward to bringing more opportunities to our graduates with this joint work with Google, helping them overcome employment barriers, and building a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

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