How to include youth in the online world

After breaking a six years relationship, moving to the Capital from Berisso, a periferic neighbourhood and being without a job for several months, this year, RocĂ­o Riera Serapio had the opportunity to take a course in ComIT. "The training gave me tools, knowledge and support to get a job." The most important thing was that they gave me hope in a difficult time. Two months after finishing the course I got a job as a PSD to HTML developer at a marketing agency and started studying at university"says the 29-year-old.

Not many women work specifically on technology-related roles. There are companies that try to reverse this trend and thus contribute to gender equality policies. ComIT, a project that teaches programming and soft skills to face the labor market, highlights that together with one of its sponsors, they aim to improve the number of women in their training. "We are interested in promoting technology careers for everyone", says Pablo Listingart, Executive Director.

At the Citizenship and Digital Literacy Week developed by Chicos.net, a special focus was given to the gender perspective within digital environments. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can encourage gender inequalities to continue to grow or, on the contrary, to narrow the gap. Women still face more obstacles in accessing ICTs and taking advantage of the digital world. According to the organization, barriers to most women include illiteracy, lack of familiarity with dominant languages ??on the Internet, lack of computer skills training, domestic responsibilities, and the fact that information provided by ICTs may not be valuable to they.

Listingart highlights the importance of working with soft skills with all those who go through the training. He says: "The biggest challenge we face is convincing people who come that they can get access to high quality work and that they do not have to be marginalized for the rest of their lives".

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