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JUN 30

By Pablo Listingart

Labor paradox: employment does not grow and technical profiles are missing

It is a labor paradox. Common sense indicates that a rising tide of people seeking employment in a stagnant private market would represent an opportunity for businesses to find talent more easily. It's supply and demand. But there are events that break the norm. Despite the stagnation in job creation, which leaves a greater supply of labor- companies find it difficult getting some profiles, especially qualified ones.

So they say two surveys, one private and one public, who say that between 50% and 70% of the surveyed firms had trouble finding certain profiles. This was the conclusion arrived Adecco Argentina: according to a survey among 466 companies, 70% of companies suffered these difficulties. Meanwhile, a report by the National Institute of Technical Education (INET) and the consulting Abeceb ratified. According to his numbers, 51% of companies have trouble finding technical profiles. That document called "Demand Capacity 2020" presented June 2016, adding that the main causes are due to lack of expertise, experience and absence of candidates.


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