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FEB 25

By Pablo Listingart

ComIT, along with Communitech and ICTAM, replicates in Canada its model to promote social inclusion through IT

After analyzing that the high rates of youth unemployment were a major problem worldwide, and in Canada too, the the NPO ComIT made a commitment to reduce these negative indexes, through the delivery ...

APR 19

By Pablo Listingart

ComIT starts its Automated Testing course in Kitchener, Ontario

Studying a technical or professional career is, for many, an impossible dream to meet due to the high cost of education, a problem that we attempt to aim with the first cohort who started the Automate...

AUG 08

By Pablo Listingart

ComIT: A classroom, a helping hand, and newfound programming skills

ComIT co-founder Pablo Listingart, at left, listens as students show off their new programming skills, including Kamal Vattikuti, second from right, who was recently hired by OpenText. (Communitech ph...

JUN 05

By Pablo Listingart

New tech training program aims to address developer shortage

Pablo Listingart spent years working for some of the world’s largest technology companies in his native Buenos Aires before quitting to help others find jobs in the Argentine software sector. Over ...

NOV 23

By Pablo Listingart

Mobile application helps training and employment in IT

BUENOS AIRES, November 21, 2018.- ComIT launched today, November 21, 2018, its mobile application for training and skills in information technology (IT) skills. The app was presented with eight ComIT ...

FEB 28

By Pablo Listingart

'Way beyond my dreams': Free technology training in Sask. helps unemployed, underemployed find IT jobs

Adrien Martin was unemployed and felt like he was spinning his wheels, looking for an opportunity to find meaningful work in Saskatoon. He'd moved back to the city after working in Vancouver in video...

AUG 27

By Leah Solheim

ComIT Expands Operations into Western Canada, Thanks to Federal Investment

Pablo Listingart, ComIT’s Founder, changes lives by offering free career training, allowing unemployed Canadians to break the cycle of “survival jobs” and create lucrative, sustainable futures i...

OCT 04

By Pablo Listingart

Canadian immigrant providing free IT career training across the country

Pablo Listingart moved to Canada from Argentina in 2015 after a successful career working in IT for such companies as Microsoft Corp. and IBM Corp. He brought with him a project he had started in his ...

OCT 04

By Pablo Listingart

Free IT training with ComIT

CTV Morning Live - Saskatoon (September 12) https://saskatoon.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1777418...

OCT 04

By Pablo Listingart

Non-profit gives students a chance in IT sector

A passion project geared at supporting the information technology industry is growing into a multinational charitable organization. Pablo Listingart is the founder and executive director of ComIT, a ...

JAN 15

By Pablo Listingart

Current and Upcoming courses in Canada

These are our announced courses for 2020 so far!!! Starting Date: January 6th Topic: NodeJS Place: The Network Hub, Vancouver, BC Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 6pm to 8,30pm Starting Date: January...

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